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Welcome to the supplier of promotional items

Marketers looking for the right mix have come to the right place at Meroh for promotional gifts and premiums.

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The trading company, Meroh B.V. produces, purchases and imports goods from the Far East for a very wide variety of customers. During the last year, the assignments we have been granted have ranged from small numbers of complex products such as ergonomic knee-protectors, ordered for an independent entrepreneur, to thousands of perspex holders for bathroom articles, for an international, stock-exchange quoted chain of hotels.

Meroh has its offices in Amstelveen, the Netherlands but also has its own branch offices in China (Shenzhen & Ningbo). This allows us to stand with one foot in the western market on which our customers operate, while our other foot is firmly planted in Asia where we purchase, have storage facilities and have goods produces. This gives us a leading position when it comes to experience in deal with both the Asian as well as European ways of doing business and permits us to gain the maximum benefits from the economic advantages of purchasing and manufacturing in the Far East with the view to satisfying western corporate processes.

We wish you a lot of fun searching. In the unlikely event that you do not find what you are looking for on our site, do not hesitate to call us!

Menko Huisman - Managing Director